RightSite partners with 911/EMS to provide on-scene telehealth, including an ER Doctor and Patient Navigator for non-emergent patients.

We help non-emergent patients access ambulatory in-network care and offer SDOH Navigators to help avoid future 911/EMS use.

RightSite: Better outcomes, lower cost, and a better experience for everyone.

We solve the overwhelming use of 911/EMS for non-emergent care. It’s just good medicine – for patients, and for their communities.

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Limited EMS staff and resources.

We give EMS crews access to an ER Doctor to work alongside them to assess and redirect non-emergent patients at the time of need, reducing unnecessary runs to the ER.

More satisfied patients at a lower cost. 

Patients receive access to appropriate care, quicker than a visit to the ER, and at a much lower cost.

Solving the root cause. 

Our Patient Navigators will follow up with patients to help alleviate clinical and social needs that may have led them to call 911/EMS in the first place.


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