Lose the wall time.
Save more lives.

RightSite is a system that gives EMS relief from the backlog of non‑emergent calls so they can get back to saving lives.

Access EM doctors, right away.

We have board-certified EM physicians ready to join you on demand by telehealth, so your patient can be immediately assessed on scene, evaluated, and connected to appropriate treatment.

Get people where they really need to go.

On-demand Navigators work with your team and the RightSite EM physician to get your patient appropriate non-emergent care, and arrange round-trip transportation if needed.

We follow up.

Our Navigators follow up with your patients and try to help solve the barriers to health which led them to call 911 in the first place.

RightSite reduces avoidable ED admissions.

EMS and Fire are available for true emergencies by avoiding unnecessary on‑scene, transport, and wall times.