We help EMS avoid
unnecessary trips to the ER.

RightSite partners with EMS to provide on-scene telehealth access to an ER Doctor and Patient Navigator.

Compare EMS care with and without RightSite.

  • EMS is limited to a one-size-fits-all response, regardless of acuity.
  • Transport and wall times delay response times to critical emergencies.
  • Patients facing challenges in navigating the healthcare system often turn to 911/EMS, which can strain the system and generate poor outcomes.
  • Work with our team on-scene to get you and your patient instant access to an ER Telehealth Doctor and Patient Navigator, reducing the rate of repeat 911/EMS callers.
  • Remain available for critical emergencies and get back to your station or post more frequently.
  • You don’t have wasted wait time in the ER, meaning higher probability of making end of shift on time and more opportunities to do other jobs.

Take a step in the right direction.

The EMS crew arrives on the scene of a non-emergent call.

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EMS contacts RightSite and instantly connects the patient to an ER Telehealth Doctor and Patient Navigator.

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The patient chooses RightSite for non-ER care and EMS is released.


If necessary, EMS takes the patient to the ER.

We’ll take it
from here.

14 mins

is the average time for EMS to be released after contacting RightSite.

75 %

of patients avoid using the ER for care.

98 %

satisfaction score from patients after a follow-up survey.

Our service compliments your existing EMS platform — no need to fuss with new tech or platform integrations.

After the clinical care is delivered, we continue to solve the non-clinical needs that likely led the patient to call 911/EMS in the first place.

How we make an impact