RightSite delivers high quality care with immediate MLR savings.


Cost per avoidable ER visit without RightSite.



Cost per avoidable episode with RightSite.

Avoidable ER visits cost too much for patients and payors.

RightSite directs your members away from unnecessary ER visits and to in-network non-ER providers. We help stop the cycle of frequent ER use for primary care.

It’s your call.


Provide in-network non-ER care for ambulatory conditions.


Immediate MLR savings.


Our Navigators deliver hand-held SDOH navigation to patients and their families.

We are the first to offer a personalized telehealth platform for 911/EMS, providing ER Doctors and SDOH Navigators for non-emergency patients.

More about what we’re doing at RightSite

Take a step in the right direction.

The EMS crew arrives on the scene of a non-emergent call.

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EMS contacts RightSite and instantly connects the patient to an ER Telehealth Doctor and Patient Navigator.

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The patient chooses RightSite for non-ER care and EMS is released.


If necessary, EMS takes patient to the ER.

After addressing clinical needs, we follow up with the patient to resolve the social determinants that prompted the 911/EMS call in the first place. This helps prevent future use of the 911/EMS system for non-emergent conditions.

How we make an impact