room visits.

EMS Initiated On-Scene telehealth with ER physicians increases non-ER, in-network utilization for non-emergency patients.


Better patient outcomes through personal navigation


Significant savings for patients and health plans


Connect patients to faster in-network care

Smarter navigation for non-emergency patients.

Improve care quality by increasing innetwork access outside of the ER

Patients and plans achieve the highest quality, lowest cost care

Help patients use in-network providers to avoid surprise bills

Telehealth emergency physician triage and non-ER appointment and transportation service

It’s your call

Save over 50% off your plan’s total cost for non–emergency patients by reducing their avoidable use of EMS, ER, and related hospital stays.

Take a step in the
right direction.

RightSite Health is the first to build a personalized and tech-enabled navigation service for health plan members to help them make better decisions when faced with non-emergency situations.

Knowing where to go can be tough, but we make it easier for your members to find the RightSite.